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Bill is Chairman of Maxthon, Board Member of Glyde and Scribd, and seed investor in, SoundTracking, StackMob, and representing CRV as a partner in several funds.
He is also an active ‘super angel’ funding US based startups such as Tango, and Voxer (Board) and Treasure Data (Chairman); Tweetdeck/Twitter, Lulu in the UK;  Canva,, ShoesofPrey from Australia; and from Brazil.  Bill has served on the board of 7 publicly listed companies. He is experienced in the earliest stages of building tech based companies, as founding CEO of iAsiaWorks (NASD: IAWK), chairman of IPinfusion (Tokyo: 4817) and founder of Tradebeam (NASD: CDCS). He holds a BSEE, with Honors, from University of Illinois and an MBA from Harvard. Bill is an adjunct professor of innovation at Curtin University in Australia, an Olympic Ambassador for the IKA and co-creator of