I interviewed Dr Lars Buttler, Managing Director Madison Sandhill Capital @Gamesbeat 2013.  Lars spoke about investing in the gaming industry. “Its a very dynamic ecosystem as there are huge challenges to the incumbents because innovation is popping up anywhere in the world overnite. A company can go from zero to $3b valuation literally in 18 months.” “Gaming married with mobile & smartphones is creating distribution in this phenomenally dynamic marketplace around the world.”  When investing Lars focuses on disruptive innovation in communication & entertainment, media, mobile internet, internet of everything, big data.  Gaming is 75% of revenue that rides on the top of mobile revenue. He spoke about the European market, as he came originally from Germany & Denmark.  They have phenomenal innovation but it is still very hard for most people to get funding compared to Silicon Valley.  He feels the innovation coming from all over the world will make it easier over time for European entrepreneurs to get funding.  (If not they should hit him up!)  He also spoke about his views on the changes in the venture industry. (1) its not enough to be local somewhere not even in Silicon Valley (2)  Its not enough to have maybe 1 expert in your firm for an industry (that maybe have never even been in the industry) because identifying the great companies when they take off is phenomenally important. “Jobs really come from disruptive innovation where you take a product that is very constrained, very complex & you make it easy & you make it cheaper.  So that not just a few people but many people can access that particular product or service.  It can happen anywhere in the world right now & its just a matter of having access to capital in order to take it to the next level.”  Most successful companies eventually have an office in Silicon Valley & most investors go out & invest in other parts of the world & thats great for the startup system globally.  He spoke about how the JOBS act is disrupting a very early stage of the investment community.  “The vcs used to have a very high level view.  It’s not enough to be a civilian these days, you have to be a soldier basically!  You have to be in really deep.” The Venture Industry is being disrupted itself now!

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Pemo Theodore is a Media Publisher & Event Producer. She is Executive Producer of Smart Money Silicon Valley: Network with & Learn from Silicon Valley Investors! NoPanels: Engage Directly with Investors & Industry Leaders; VCHangout: hangout with Investors! & PitchPerfect Silicon Valley: Craft your Pitch & Slide Deck for Funding! & Silicon Valley TV: Broadcasting Silicon Valley to the World! & Avion Global: Launching Diverse Mobile & IOT Startups Globally! & VC Spotlight: Spotlight on Investors! & FinTech Week Silicon Valley. She video interviews venture capitalists & angel investors EZebis: Winning the Venture Game! She is based in Silicon Valley. She has been involved in online business for 10 years. She has been in small business for 39 years in Ireland, London, Canada & Australia. She also published a free ebook (the findings of 1 year research with vcs, angels & women founders) "Why are Women Funded Less than Men? a crowdsourced conversation" available on Scribd.

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